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Delhi Art Week is a one-of-its-kind, independent and inclusive non-profit initiative that aims to bring together private and public art institutions to raise awareness and shed light on modern and contemporary art. The week-long collaborative event showcases over 50+ art exhibitions, talks and walkthroughs, creating a holistic art experience in the capital city of India, Delhi. The organisers of DAW envisioned a minimalistic and an invigorating website using colors that are clean and luxurious. Our color palette for the website design included Purple as the primary color, with notes of Chalk and Charcoal as secondary colours. Through a custom-coded Google Map, we mapped the participating art galleries under 4 location-based “art zones”- allowing an accessible and intuitive navigation for all the visitors. The four zones indeed represent the four iconic structures of Delhi. 

daw zzonesz icons.jpg
icons daw.jpg


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